Recently, after watching “Sierra Burgess is a big loser”, i realized that I had a part of Sierra when I was child, look like the most bravest girl in the class, but actually the most unconfident one. 

However, a disheveled, ugly girl, have a pure heart and likes to express moods through texts, reading books to get to know what she doesn’t know.

Of course, now she is gonna be a wisely, confident single office lady and knows how to treat herself well.

Well, It’s most likely credited to books.

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“Open a book, start a journey.”

Sometime books fascinate or change us because contents out of imaginations or exceed your outdated thinking.

Wanna be a wonderful book which makes people want to go on next page with curiosity, then coincidentally find a lucky one can read consistently and complete the ending in final page.

This was my answer that my best buddy asked me what you want to be when we were 20.

That’s what I ‘m thinkin’ about when I saw the key card of chez nous, starting Hero & Spy ( a team with my friend, H. absolutely I am hero! ) trip from now on.

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No.52, lucky number it is. But I’ll be more happy if it was 30 #curry30 

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Booked on agoda when 70% off, NTD 2,467 (standard room for one night, breakfast includes. )

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There are also books on nightstand in my bedroom, “crazy rich Asian” and “Slanish” <3

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Marble design! BINGO! I LUV IT!

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 You know, I always rush to bathroom when I come into room haha.

The shampoo or hair conditioner can be bought on 1F, if you like it. The brass revival showerhead makes me throwback to 1970s, but why not try rose gold for ladies (keke.

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Creative closet, wanna hide and seek?

the espresso and beverages here are free, deep breath and drink a cup of coffee bring you a energetic morning.

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the postcard with musk perfume.

Perfume is a tempting thing that can be recorded by our memory, it shows your personalities or makes you feel joyful, heavy, sexy… etc, thinking about a person, story immediately, it’s the reason why I always want to keep it secret when someone ask me, well, it is also offense when you ask women in France.

Taking a break with H after dinner, we dressed up readied to find some drinks.

However, what a pity that chill bar in chez nous has been no longer operated so we moved toward another bar- Closet Restaurant & Bar.

(H is really a nice girl, she’s talented and knows everywhere in tpe haha. )

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Okay, H knows me very well jajajaja.

Although I can’t hold my liquor, I like tispy and relaxing feeling when drinking with friends in speakeasy bar.

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I like to ordered cocktail with special name. left one is mine, called “You belong with me”, so sweet but it’s really weird bartender reads out the name when he gives you, especially in Chinese hahahahaha, so embarrassed.

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The world under my desk (stalking

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 H ordered #BFF ( BEST FRENCH FRIED ) !! nomnomnonomono :P

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Back to hotel with stupid sleepy face, and where is my eyeliner? (laugh

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******* sweet dreams******* ( give yourself a lovely quote before sleeping

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 Also, give yourself a powerful or positive quote in the morning. (from coco chanel

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Lobby, front desk friendly said hi made me smile : )

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Hey chef! Where is my bunch?

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 I’m ready for my foods… uhh, so hungry #piggy

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 The breakfast here is not buffet, they will provide you a set instead.

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A lil bit disappointed but I like double medium eggs.  Can you give me some champagne ? haha :)

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Yummmmmmmm ♥ ♥ ♥

Now my mood is…. don’t wanna go home, don’t wanna see my boss anymore haha. So H and me decide to visit Lady M before going home, you know, eat more sweets can beat troubles away.

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Thanks H & Chez nous hotel made my night on mid-moon festival, it was the first time I didn’t join any BBQ party on this day, cheers! Got a lots of amazing experiences these two days and I might miss this trip soon.


All about Chez nous hotel




*AddressNo.18, Lane 147, Section3, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei (near to Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 2 / 11:00am check-out )




All about Closet bar


*AddressNo.15, Lane 101, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei( 6pm-2am / about 18mins by foots from chez nous. )


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